Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Running: True Answer

Can You Run Wearing Basketball Shoes

If you are a basketball player, you are probably confused with the question, “Can basketball shoes be used for running?” However, it’s one of the commonly asked questions by those who play basketball for newbies regularly.

Well, the straightforward answer to this is basketball shoes are 100% safe for use in running. There are a few good reasons behind it which we would like to explain to you. But, of course, you don’t want to keep any doubts regarding facts related to your health.

So, come and let’s see why it is possible to wear basketball shoes instead of running and why they are better. But before that, you must know what exactly running, and basketball shoes are. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Running

Running Shoes

A pair of running shoes are specifically made for running purposes. So you might be thinking, why it’s necessary to create it differently? The most straightforward answer is the impact.

A runner has more impact on the floor than a person walking over it. While a person is walking, they impose half of their body weight, and on the other hand, a runner sets three times extra of their weight.

So, shoes for running have heels that are well built and long enough. They are produced using high-quality leathers that provide great flexibility. Such shoes have flared heels to offer additional stability to the runner.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are more durable and robust. The heel and lower part of the shoe are certainly designed to provide the wearer accurate balance and stability on the ground and direct. In addition, they have upper security that provides enormous coverage, and of course, they are made of premium quality leather.

They mainly come in three various types: Low-top, Middle ground, and High-top. Even their heels are more substantial, and the whole shoes are built so well that their flexibility is way better than the running shoes.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Running: Perfect Answer

The straight and short answer to the question is yes. Instead, basketball shoes are much better to use for running than shoes made for the purpose. The important reason is the overall service of a basketball shoe.

Comparing them both, we have seen basketball shoes can provide more safety to the ankles, more friendliness to the feet. In addition, the overall weight of a pair of basketball shoes is much more than a running shoe.

It offers incredible protection to the whole foot. Although the amount of pressure your legs have to bear while running is vast, running shoes can reduce the strain on your legs, basketball shoes lessen the stress, make you feel lighter, and increase speed.

Do Basketball Shoes Make a Difference?

Basketball shoes are created differently for the different purposes which we know are for playing basketball. Unlike other shoes like casual walking or running shoes, basketball shoes have various characteristics, making a big difference.

For example, they are built using more quality-full materials, and they are usually thicker and therefore are so durable that no matter how much you jump or run, they will not easily get ruined.

The leathers are chosen for making them are so high in quality that the flexibility and convenience it provides are unmatchable to any other shoes. They bend effortlessly, and swiftly running wearing them on a slippery place is also an easy task.

The sole of the shoe, both the upper and lower, can decrease the pressure on the ankles while making you feel lighter.

Why are Basketball Shoes so Heavy?

Generally, basketball shoes are heavier than running shoes and other shoes. It’s because they are designed to lessen the foot, and ankle pressure as basketball involves side-to-side quick cutting and vertical leaping.

These create much stress on the ankles. So, they have a higher cooler that can protect them. Moreover, they are thicker because it helps provide the whole feet safe and damage-free.

The soles used to make basketball shoes are heavy, and it’s another good cause of basketball shoes being heavier.

How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

Of course, shoes made for basketball playing purposes only are very durable and stable. But here is a fact, experts have some recommendations for basketball players regarding how long they should wear basketball shoes?

If you are a newbie, you must be practicing hard, and so you play basketball more than six times a week. If this is your case, you are suggested replacing the old basketball shoes with new ones each new month.

And if you play it because it’s your hobby and you play 2 or 3 times every week, you can wear them for 5,6 months and then go for new shoes.

Final Words

When you already have existing basketball shoes at your home, you don’t need to buy the extra running shoes. The answer to the question “Can basketball shoes be used for running?” has already explained the good reasons you should wear basketball shoes for running instead of running shoes.

Next time you are about to buy a pair of shoes, and you are a basketball lover, get yourself the shoes for basketball rather than running. It will serve you for both purposes.


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