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Golf shoes careGolf is a game of discipline, we all know that. A golfer has to maintain a lot of things for proper playing. A golfer has to take proper care of his or her equipment and accessories. Golf shoes are one of those golf equipment and accessories. A golfer should have to try to remain neat and clean. And for that reason, he or she has to take care of his or her attires. A professional golfer knows how to take care of his or her equipment and accessories. So, a beginner golfer should also know what should he or she do to care of his or her attire and that will help him or her in future to be a professional. Today, for those beginner golfers, we will discuss the golf shoes care and we are helpful that will help them to take care of their golf shoes.

Golf shoe care

Golf shoes care- Take proper care of your golf shoes if you want them to last longer

How to Clean Golf Shoes

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If the golf shoes are made of leather then they may last longer if you take some steps for them. For this golf shoes caring task, you have to follow these steps or ways which are mentioned below-

  • Cedar shoe trees: The single most important thing the golfers can do to keep their golf shoes more lasting is to use shoe trees in them.
  • Simple cleaning the shoes: By simply wiping the golf shoes with towels after your round, this may help you to keep your shoes cleaned for longer.
  • Professional cleaning the shoes: Once in a while, a golfer should break down and have his or her golf shoes professionally cleaned.
  • Replacing the spikes of the shoes: A golfer should always make sure that his or her shoes spikes are all there and also not worn down to the nub.

These all are the steps or ways to take care of your golf shoes. For your better understanding, now we are going to discuss all those steps or ways once again in details. So guys, without wasting any time let’s begin the discussion.

Cedar shoe trees

If you put cedar shoe trees in your golf shoes then it will help you in couple of ways. Drawing the moisture (sweat) out of your golf shoes and maintaining the shape of your golf shoes if they are made of leather are the benefits of using cedar shoe trees. By drawing out the moisture or sweat out of your shoes will help your shoes to be dried quickly and this will increase of shoes life. If a golfer let damp leather golf shoes just sitting around, the leather of the shoes can get mold spots and begin to deteriorate rapidly. So, before you put your golf shoes in your trunk after your round, make sure that you put some cedar shoe trees in your shoes.

Simple cleaning the shoes

First of all, this simple cleaning will get the golf course chemicals off of your shoes. Just imagine if you do not clean your shoes then what can these herbicides and pesticides do to your golf shoes. Secondly, simply wiping down your golf shoes will take off all the excess of water and dirt which you accumulated while trying to hit the sixth shot from that green-side water hazard!

Leaving muds on your golf shoes is a bad thing. Not just because of that the mud will probably stain your golf shoes, but also because of the mud will begin to break down the leather in the golf shoes. That is a bad thing and that will lead to premature leather cracking. This premature leather cracking will lead your golf shoes to leaking.

Professional cleaning the shoes

These golf shoes jockeys will help to have your golf shoes looking brand spanking new. They will also use leather lotions and protectants to prolong the life of leather of golf shoes. The key factor of make sure that the leather of golf shoes will last long is keeping the leather soft and supple. If the leather of the golf shoes breaks down then your golf shoes will start to leak and literally fall apart.

So, having the golf shoes cleaned by a locker room attendant after every 5-10 rounds, should do the trick. If you want to polish your golf shoes yourself then you can buy some good quality golf shoes leather conditioners, shoe polish and more.

Replacing the spikes of the shoes

This seems to be common sense but if you look of the bottom of your golf shoes right now, you may find you are missing at least one spike and the ones that are there looking like poker chips because they are so worn down. That is why you need to keep your golf shoes spiked up all the time. If you are missing spikes of your golf shoes or they are worn down too far then the actual sole of the golf shoes will start to wear out after the spikes are gone. This means that your golf shoes will start to leak and when they will start to leak then you will be in big trouble. So, you have to replace your golf shoes spikes regularly.

Replacing your golf shoes spikes has become quite simple. With the new FastTwist and Q-Lock systems, a golfer no longer has to grind his or her knuckles to the bone trying to get the spikes out. Usually one quarter turn of the golf shoes spikes will pop it right out of the sole.

Final words

In our above discussion, we were trying to provide you guys some suggestions or tips for taking proper care of your golf shoes. If you guys follow these simple guidelines for golf shoe care then you will greatly extend the life of your golf shoes. With this benefit, your golf shoes will be looking great to boot. You all should remember one thing as golfers that if you cannot play good then at least you should have to look good.

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