How to Widen Steel Toe Boots : Shoes Guide

How to Widen Steel Toe Boots

A steel toe boots is a protective boot that has a protective support on its toe. Also, these steel toe boots are more durable than a normal boot. Heavy-duty workers usually use these boots. Construction workers and manufacturer loves to use these boots. In almost every region workes use this steel toe boots for their working purpose. You can feel more secure when you wear them at work. And steel toe boots can last at least 6 to 12 months in the working environment. How to Widen Steel Toe Boots well there are some expert tips to follow.

How to Widen Steel Toe Boots Okay Then Let’s Find Out The Way Of It

Many shoe user wants to widen their steel toe boots. Because sometimes they purchase a tight shoe and that doesn’t fit into their foot. And they want to widen their steel toe boots. So there are some tips to follow and if you follow them then you can widen your boots.

How to Widen Steel Toe Boots

There are few tips and they are-

  1. Freezing the boots
  2. Loosen the boots through using alcohol
  3. Use stretching spray
  4. Use steel toe stretcher
  5. Heating the boots

There are 4 methods that can help you to widen your boots. Okay now let’s discuss about it

Method-1you can use a zip lock bag to keep the water to freeze. And after freezing the bag put the bag into the boots. But remember to remove all the air. And let the boot freeze overnight. And in the morning remove the freeze from the boot and let the ice melting for 20 minutes.

Method-2: Another method is to use alcohol. So the first thing is bathe the boots on alcohol. After soaking the boot on alcohol take a few minutes to force to widen. And if you see that the boot widens not so much as you want. Then again you can do the same method

Method-3: you can also stretching spray to widen the boots. So you have to do at first is to apply the spray where you want to widen. Then wear the boots to stretch and you can also carry the spray along with you. So you can use it at your working time too.

Method-4:  You can also use a steel toe stretcher to widen the boots. So you just have to do is to insert the stretcher into the boot. And set the stretcher at your wanted size and spin the lever. And keep the work boots stretched for 1-2 working days.

Method-5: We know heating is the best way to widen any object. But many people are conscious that if my shoe melts on the fire. But you can heat your steel toe boots and have to be more careful about overheating.

So the thing you have to do is to wear steel toe socks and use the hairdryer for heating to heat outside. Because it will loosen the leather and try to wear the boots until its cool down. And if you have a waterproof shoe then soak them into hot water and see the result.

What Are The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Work Boots

There are so many steel toe work boots that are comfortable to you. But you may be looking out for the best one. Well, then you can try Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6 its a premium working boots and best boots too.

A steel toe work boots price starts from $68 and the more the quality you want the price will be higher. So in markets, there are some best work boots that are available and they are-

  • Wolverine Men’s Moc-Toe 6
  • Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83608 6
  • Kingshow Men’s 1366
  • Caterpillar Men’s Revolver(soft boot)
  • Skechers
  • Carhartt Men’s CMF6366

These are some best boots for working. And steel toe work boots usually use for a consecutive purpose. Especially heavy-duty user loves to wear steel toe boots. So you can choose the boots as you wanted to buy according to your choice. And Wolverine Men’s Moc- Toe 6 and caterpillar Men’s Revolver are most comfortable boots.

How Much Do Steel Toe Boots Weigh

People wear shoes to protect their feet from dust and other bacteria. And we use a shoe for protecting our feet. But if you are wearing steel toe boots then its weight is heavier than a normal boot.

In a steel toe boot, there is a steel in the toe into these boots that is protective too. And these boots are designed for a construction worker to protect their feet. The weight of boots depends on its model and brand. Most boots are 2 kilograms or 4.5 lbs but a 6-inch steel boots is around 5 lbs.

The more you want protection on your boots then more the weight will rise. So it depends on you to choose which one is good for you.

How to Stretch Steel Toe Work Boots

There are so many ways to stretch your steel toe work boots. But most people love to stretch the boots through using a broomstick. You can stretch your toe boots by putting the broomstick into the boots.

Also, you can use the freezing method and heating method for stretching your boots. But the easiest way is to use a shoe stretcher. You just have to insert the stretcher into the boots and turn the lever according to your want. And see the results in how it works perfectly. But if you have leather boots then use a leather conditioner.

Final Words

Shoemakers make steel toe boots for construction workers and heavy-duty workers. And if you want more protection then buy the best and comfortable steel toe boots for your work. And if you want to widen your steel toe boots.

Then follow the way that was discussed in this content. I hope it will help you to widen your steel toe boots perfectly.


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