Why do basketball shoes squeak (True Reason)

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If you are practicing basketball these days on the hardwood courts, you are surely experiencing your and other basketball players’ shoes squeaking. It’s a common fact because basketball itself is a squeaky kind of game.

Those sounds are, of course, annoying sometimes. Hence, we have this question about “why do basketball shoes squeak?” The experts have researched this, and they have found out interesting reasons behind it. So, let’s break the curiosity regarding it and know the facts behind it.

We will also help you by providing tips on how you can stop your basketball shoe’s squeakiness. Therefore, let’s jump on the answers without wasting your valuable time.

Why do basketball shoes squeak
Why do basketball shoes squeak

Why do basketball shoes squeak: Stop Squeaking Sounds

There’s not a single basketball player who didn’t experience squeaks while playing. The good news is squeaking means something positive about your shoes. We will not keep you in more wait; let’s look at the revealed cause of your basketball shoes squeaking.

Reasons shoes squeak

The important reason for basketball shoe squeak is a scientific fact. It happens based upon a principle that is called the slick-slip principle. The principle defines that when two relatively flat or smooth surfaces are unsticking and sticking to each other with the help of friction, it creates a signature noise that we call squeaking.

The noise was noticed for the first time when a spiny lobster made almost the same kind of sound. They make such a sound through their antenna. They aim to make the predators scared and go away.

About the basketball shoes, the squeaking sounds produce from the outsole herringbone structures while vibrating in the times of making contact with the court’s surface.

Though the sound is a little annoying sometimes, of course, it’s a pleasure to the player too, since this sound assures that their basketball shoes are properly functioning.

So, when your basketball shoes are not making those squeaky sounds, be sure that your shoes are lacking something. The best is to check if they squeak and then purchase them.

You may know or not, but you are capable of stopping the sounds of squeaks.

The process is honestly easier to follow. Next is what you are expecting to know. Yes, we are about to uncover how you can stop the squeaking sounds of the basketball shoes.

How to Fix a Squeaky Shoe: Stopping the Squeak

Of course, no one likes the squeaky sounds coming from their shoes, especially when they are not playing basketball and having a casual walk.

That noise can put you into awkward moments. We have five effective ways to suggest you stopping the squeak. Let’s be good at each and follow the easiest method you think.

1. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is an everyday product we mostly carry in our bags. This little item can be much useful for reducing the squeakiness of your shoes. Just put some of the jellies underneath the insole. This way, the insole will be able to run smoothly with the inner part of the shoe.

2. Soften The Shoe Soles

Any brand new shoe kicks will make noise for sure. However, there’s a simple enough hack to save your shoes from getting those annoying sounds.

If you have sandpaper available in your home, you can rub the sole gently with the sandpaper and make the entire surface softer. That will be helpful and decrease the squeak sounds.

3. Sprinkle Some Powder

The powder is another common item we tend to have in our places. Unfortunately, the trapped moisture inside of the shoes can create noise too.

At such a moment, you need to do something to reduce the moisture. The best solution is sprinkling some talcum or baby powder underneath the inner shoe soles. That can do the rest of the job of keeping the squeaky sounds stopped.

4. Dry The Shoes

If it’s water causing the shoe to make squeaky noises, you better throw those pairs of shoes into a dryer. Include a small bit of softener for fabric over a sponge.

Toss your shoes with the sponge inside of the dryer and let them dry for 10 minutes. Do not let the boots dry for more than 10 minutes because it will rather lead your shoes to get damaged.

5. WD-40

Try out the WD-40 since it’s the easiest and potent way of reducing the squeakiness of your shoes up to 95 percent. But, first, spray a good amount of WD-40 on the outer part of the inner soles.

Let it dry, and do not wear the shoes until two days have passed. After two days,95 percent of the squeaky sounds are guaranteed to be reduced.

Final Words

Why do basketball shoes squeak is a hot topic among basketball players. But, no matter whether you are new to this field or experienced, if you want to get rid of those squeaky noises today, you already have various ways as options to reduce them.

Although by the passing of time, you will start to like these sounds while playing because these noises let you feel the real adventure of the game. A true basketball player is fine with its squeakiness.


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