Best Horse Riding Boots for Women: Get Stylish And Safe

best horse riding boots for ladies
Lady jockey cleaning riding boots after riding

A professional horse rider knows that horse riding requires a special kind of boots. Such boots are not only good-looking but also should be durable and comfortable. Looking for comfort and endurance is a must since there are always risks of getting injured while horse riding.

Especially the legs are in more chances of being damaged by unwanted accidents. Therefore, after comparing numerous boots models for horse riding, we have handpicked the best horse riding boots for women.

That’s not it; we have got even more essential information regarding the boots and a buyer’s guide. Hence, come and dive into the details of the products.

Best Horse Riding Boots for Women

Ranking of the 2 Best Horse Riding Boots

Choosing a product that is certainly made for a specific task needs a lot to understand. So, horse riding boots to needs research to find out which are the leading ones.

Keeping all those facts in mind, our team has researched for you already and picked the top 3 women’s boots for horse riding.

All three items are ideal for wearing and can provide you with the ultimate horse riding experience. Let’s take a look at them below.

Sam Edelman Classic Boots : Ladies Horse Rider

Any leather-made item is popular among us no matter it’s a bag or a pair of boots. It’s because the quality is premium. Leather doesn’t perish easily, and they feel so comfortable to use. But, unfortunately, that’s why most of the leather-made products are expensive too.

But of course, it is fair enough since you are getting solid deals. So we have here the same Edelman’s classic boots that are produced using 100% leather. The topline is beveled. It’s even cleanable; when the shoes are soiled, you can clean them with a damp clean cloth and then let them dry naturally.

best women's horse riding boots

Always ignore using polishes containing silicone or are in liquid form. The button is given antique designs. Stacked heels help you with keeping balance when riding a horse.

The 1.25 inches heel offers the correct balance you need when going up on your horse or coming down over it. The users say that it is the best western horse riding boots.

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  • Fits best for those having thick calves.

  • It looks stylish and feels comfortable.

  • They are made of leather to ensure durability.

  • Topline is beveled to offer accuracy in balance keeping.

  • Cleanable and effortlessly maintainable.

  • These pairs of boots are not for wide calves.

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Saxon Equileather Front Boots

best horse riding boots for womenIt is featuring front boots made of European leather that feel amazingly soft to wear. This is going to fit your feet accurately because the leather calf is elasticated. The side zips increase the reliability and strength as well as eases your wearing.

These are also easily cleanable. You can even casually wear them for schooling. The rubber soles are sturdy enough to provide you a long-lasting service. They are considered as one of the best horse riding boots for beginners.

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  • European leather-produced boots assure the softness of the footwear.

  • The leather calf is elasticated to offer you an accurate fit.

  • The side zip YKK gives you good reliability for horse riding.

  • You are allowed to use water with soap for cleaning.

  • For convenience wearing the toe cap is offered larger.

  • The boots have size issues, so you must order one size larger than the regular.

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What is the difference between riding boots and regular boots?

Boots have different purposes of serving, and so they vary. However, regular boots are commonly found and used for wearing in everyday routine among all the kinds of boots.

But there are other boots too. We will be discussing the difference between riding and regular boots only. Readout each explained point of difference.


They are coming first with the quality of both the boots. Regular boots are made with ordinary quality or high-quality materials since they are made for day-to-day usage.

On the other hand, riding boots are always produced of premium quality materials like leather. Since they are for horse riding, they have to struggle a lot alongside you.


Riding boots are way more durable than those that we call regular boots. The reason behind it is two. First riding boots are not often used. They are used only at the times that you are going to ride your horse.

The second riding boots are superior in quality too. First, regular boots are unfortunately not as durable as the boots for riding because they are being used every day, and secondly, they are lower in quality.


When we are talking about flexibility, here wins the regular boots. Traditional boots are worn regularly, so they should feel more flexible, and the boots producers keep this fact in mind. So, when it comes to flexibility, riding boots lose to the regular boots.


Anyone can afford a pair of regular boots, but sadly not everyone can afford a riding boot. Riding boots are specifically made using advanced technology and premium quality materials.

Hence, these are a bit expensive. While regular boots are not created using superior quality materials and using advanced technology. So, they are always rated lower at a price and thus are affordable.


Riding boots are, of course, comfortable enough to wear, but they are a little less comfortable than the usual boots. However, we wear regular boots regularly and so; it’s a must that they should be felt very convenient whenever we wear them.

On the other side, riding boots are thicker to keep your ankles safe, so sometimes they feel as comfortable as a regular boot.

Types of Horse Riding Boots

Usually, there are two chief types of boots. We will explain them and also tell you about the shoes that fall under both classes. So, let’s look at the two types of horse riding boots.

Traditional Boots For Long Riding

These are the traditional English boots for riding a horse. They are also called tall riding boots. These are usually unisex boots and standard footwear. These boots are generally long enough to get to the knees.

This design is for preventing your legs so that it doesn’t get pinched by the saddle stirrup leathers. It also helps you to get the right grip on the saddle.

They are found in two various English styles for specific English occasions. They are diverse in fit, but they are similar in length.

They always have aesthetic styles, and commonly, black color is what most people prefer. Mostly they are made of either original leather or synthetic leather. Sometimes only using synthetic materials.

  1. Dress Boots
  2. Field Boot

Boots for Short riding

Boots for short riding are for beginner-level riders. Usually, children wear them and sometimes adults too but not the professionals. Long boots are a tight fit, so; some people like to wear short riding boots rather than boots for long riding.

Be careful with your short riding boots because if you want to participate in horse shows, you better check if the shoes are acceptable for the display or not.

The market has a large collection of boots for short riding. Some have toe caps made of steel. Some are ordinary, and they are for everyday use.

What to Look for in Horse Riding Boots

Horse riding boots are a special kind of boots. They have a certain purpose of serving, and therefore it’s a must you choose them carefully after considering a few facts.

It’s okay if you don’t know what you should look for while finding the right type of riding boots for you. That’s why we are here for your help. Check the following factors in a pair of riding boots and find out your suitable boots.


Comfort is what we must always ask for whenever we are looking for something to wear. Whether it’s a piece of cloth or a pair of shoes, always look for comfort because we cannot wear them if they are not comfortable.

It will be wasted and also the money that we invested for it. Hence, whenever you get your online product arrived, wear them at once and check if they feel comfortable or not. Never accept boots you feel inconvenient wearing.


For any shoe, sizing is the biggest fact. Both the situation is annoying when the shoes or boots are smaller in size or larger. There are valid reasons.

The first is that if the boots’ size is small, you will never be able to wear them. Second, even if you successfully wear them, the shoes will feel very tight and uncomfortable that you will not be competent to wear them.

On the other side, bigger-sized boots are a hustle too. They can be worn easily, but your feet will come out often, and they will not have a good grip.

You don’t want to face any of these irritating situations and therefore, always choose the boots of your size.


Another big factor is the grip. When your boots don’t have a nice grip, you will face difficulties like slipping easily, fall of easily.

For enjoying amazing grips, people mostly like to buy boots that have rubber-made grips. They have a vital job to do: offering you the right traction by gripping the floor’s microscopic roughness.


Boots materials should always have quality. A lower quality thing, no matter the boots or anything else, can never live long. It will only serve you for a week or two and then will turn to tear off, or the soles will come off, and so on.

The boots will get damaged, and they will fail to provide your ankles safety. Wearing such poor-quality boots will put you in more trouble than letting you enjoy the horse riding.

So, if you are planning on purchasing horse riding boots, be sure you are choosing the superior quality item.


Soles are as important as the other parts of the boots. When you mistakenly purchase boots with poor soles, you may be only wearing them for a few days, and then the soles will break or come off.

Hence, the best is to look at the boot soles you liked online and which one has the most positive reviews. Then, go and get them to relax.

How to Care and Maintain Cowboy Boots

Depending upon the leather quality of your cowboy boots, the care and maintaining process vary. Original leather and synthetic leather have differences, and so the maintaining process has differences too.

We will first explain how to care for and maintain original leather cowboy boots and synthetic leather boots.

Original Leather

  1. Every time you wear the shoes and ride a horse after opening your boots, wipe the dirt over the surface.
  2. Use a special kind of lotions for horse riding boots so that the cream can prevent the dirt go deeper into the shoes.
  3. Do not ever let them come in contact with water because water can damage them.
  4. Buy a horse boots brush for brushing off dirt instantly after using it.
  5. Always try to store them somewhere that they can have air and also gets less dirty.
  6. Lastly, if you are a beginner horse rider, then try not to use the boots often. Only use them when you are about to ride your horse.

Synthetic Leather

  1. With the help of a clean cloth, wipe off any dirt the surface of your boots has on them after opening them.
  2. Use any brush, especially brush, to clean the horse boots and brush off the filth that has gone deeper.
  3. You can prevent your boots from getting much dirty by applying some boots lotion on them.
  4. You can also use water. Turn on the water pipe and put the boots under the flowing water. Let the water wash away any stubborn dirt.
  5. If you want to use soap, you should clear any soap using a water-soaked clean piece of cloth.
  6. Store them at a place where they can have contact with fresh air while not being dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

How long do cowboy boots last?

Usually, cowboy boots can have a long-lasting life. According to the experts, when cowboy boots are properly taken care of, they can serve you up to 10 years. However, if they are not maintained, they can still help you for many years.

Who makes good riding boots?

In the current market, one of the most reliable brands for cowboy boots is Sam Edelman. They have been satisfying their customers for years and gaining popularity as the days pass.

Not only are they famous for providing quality full riding boots, but also they are affordable. At a reasonable price, Sam Edelman always tries their best to offer you riding boots that can last over the years and support you in learning horse riding.

A Few Words Before You Go

Some think riding a horse as a usual shoe might work well, but this is a big misconception. The difference between horse riding boots and everyday boots is huge.

The chances of you getting injured while riding a horse wearing casual shoes are 100%, which goes down to 0% when you are riding a horse wearing horse riding boots.

Hence try any of these best horse riding boots for women and ensure your safety and enjoyment.


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