Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball: Real Answer

Are basketball shoes bad for volleyball
Are basketball shoes bad for volleyball

A sports lover has no specific choice. He likes almost all kinds of sports and hence participates in playing them. For example, if you are a basketball player, you will never say no to volleyball matches since both sports have similar activities. But we know you always have that question wandering around inside your head, “can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball?” You will be surprised to learn that yes, it’s possible to wear shoes to play basketball or volleyball.

You must know in detail why it’s OK to use them and your comfortable fit and so on. Therefore, let’s not waste your additional valuable minutes and dive into the direct answer.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are chiefly three types: low-top, middle ground, High-top. High-top shoes are mainly made for all-rounder basketball players since their high tops can reduce sprained ankles. So, constantly changing your directions is like a piece of cake.

The outer basketball sole is capable of absorbing shocks that your feet can have from constant jumping. These are flexible enough to wear so that it helps the player move laterally and effortlessly. Basketball shoes include a high collar, high heel, and thicker soles.

Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes are usually produced using gum or rubber sole materials. It’s because volleyball is played on beaches over sands. So their restorative material is rubber to provide outstanding traction. But of course, the rubber is of premium quality, so players can also use it at the gym.

Volleyball shoes are almost like basketball shoes. The design, the thickness, even the affability. A volleyball shoe becomes a good alternative for basketball shoes with all these similar attributes and vice versa. Volleyball also includes continuous jumping, for which the outer and lower sole of it is thicker than the sole of the upper security.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball: Best Answers

If you compare the two shoes, one is basketball, and the other is volleyball, you will find many similarities.

That closeness is enough to make a pair of basketball shoes usable for playing volleyball. We are about to look at each of those similarities and try to understand how they create harmony.


The first noticeable trait of both shoes is their design. Although most basketball shoes look like boots, a significant number of them have the exact kind of design.

They have a curved lower sole that can create friction on slippery floors. The tip of the shoes is curved and a little high at the top. The heel is flared and higher. Some also have flat soles like snickers, but they provide the same kind of service.

Production Material

Basketball shoes are made from various materials: leathers, rubbers, synthetics, textiles, plastic, and foam. But of course, the most popular and reliable material is leather for basketball shoe production. On the contrary, volleyball shoes are principally made of rubber material.

Since the sport requires a place where you will have sands around you, rubber is the best material chosen for making volleyball shoes as it offers extra stability.


In offering comfort, both the shoes are perfect. It’s because of their similar design and item quality. However, volleyball and basketball footwear are heavier compared to the casual shoes we wear to walk or running shoes.

They are created with thicker leather or rubber, or plastic. Of course, that thickness makes them heavier, but the exciting fact is they are still more comfortable to wear.

The reduction of the risk of sprained ankles, pressure, the increase in traction, direction, and the simplicity of the movement make them almost the same.

And these are the big reasons why you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball.

Do You Really Need Volleyball Shoes?

The most significant fact to consider before understanding if you need volleyball shoes or not is to know if you already have an alternate pair of shoes. For example, suppose you already have basketball shoes, since basketball shoes give almost the same service as volleyball shoes.

So if you already have an existing pair of basketball shoes, you don’t need to purchase brand new volleyball shoes. But when you have no alternative, and you are planning on becoming a volleyball player, then you must have them for the sake of your gaming.

Comfortable Fit

Be sure to check if your pair of volleyball or basketball shoes fit comfortably. The wise choice is always to wear and check if it snug fits. If you are feeling uncomfortable after wearing it while walking or jumping, you better not finalize that.

Remember, both basketball and volleyball include activities like cushioning, jumping, and running. To become focused on the match, you must feel fine doing all those activities with your shoes. In short, a comfortable feel is key to a great gaming experience.


Is there any difference between basketball shoes and volleyball?

The two significant differences between basketball and volleyball shoes are their weight and sole. Generally, both the shoes are heavy, but basketball shoes tend to be more severe than volleyball.

Plus, basketball shoes soles are a little more complex and better in quality, while volleyball shoes lack the sole quality.

Is it OK to wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Of course, basketball shoes are somewhat better to wear for playing volleyball. Although they are not as light as volleyball shoes, they can serve well because they have almost the same design and convenience. So, it’s OK to wear them and play volleyball whenever you are invited to a match.

Final Words

We are hoping, now you have got a clear concept on Can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball? Let us tell you an interesting fact about this—some volleyball players like wearing basketball shoes and playing volleyball. So, because basketball shoes are more capable of keeping your ankles safe from unwanted injuries, wear those basketball shoes for volleyball matches and relax, knowing they will serve you well.


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