best spikeless golf shoes for walking: May 2022

best mens spikeless golf shoes

Golf shoes are manufactured to get an extra grip and other gaming factors that a player expects while he or she is in the course. So usually, you can say that the best shoes on the golf course will also be good for walking or casual uses. But in reality, it is not.

At that time, while you’re searching for the best spikeless golf shoes for walking, jogging, and other casual uses, you have to choose the most comfortable one. Now, several factors make a golf shoe comfortable for walking.

This article is oriented as a guide, starting from choosing the best one, factors that you need to consider before buying, and tips to keep your shoes clean and durable.

Let’s jump into it.

best spikeless golf shoes for walking

Top 5 best spikeless golf shoes for walking 2021

Here are our top five selections of the best golf shoes for walking. We made our selections by measuring positive and influential factors that matter to your comfortability, such as variations, flexibility, support, and the trending style nowadays!

FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Golf Shoes

We collect various types of shoes to complete our dress-up along with being comfortable for several occasions. While playing golf or jogging in a field, FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoes are one of the best choices. It will be comfortable footwear with stylish looks on your feet. This edition also redesigned the power harness for support. The upper surface is made of soft chormoskin leather, which is efficient, suitable for your feet and long-lasting.

It is a super comfortable spikeless shoe along with extra padding around the ankle area. Moreover, this shoe’s unique design texture can enhance our get up. Also, it is lightweight, which is perfect for running, jogging, or using casually. The length of these shoes is 11.5  percent wider than other previous versions. Which also contains waterproof consist ability. It can provide all-day comfort to you, which comes at a reasonable price.

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  • Very comfortable and stable

  • Good looking, praiseworthy design

  • Two-year waterproof guarantee

  • Good grip and traction

  • Limited color variations

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PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe

Puma is one of the well-known global shoe brands with a solid reputation for designing, manufacturing footwear. They are best known for their durable quality and flexibility. Not only the sportsmen but also the gymnastics use these shoes. It also has a stylish reflection with a balanced comfortability. It is especially recommended for its developed ventilation and cooling method.

Along with Faux leather-made uppers, it contains an elegant design. It is also a waterproof material so that you can easily clean this shoe.

Puma Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe is contained with the front lace up front, which provides stability and firm under all conditions. In addition, the width of the shoes will give you comfort to use casually.

For any weather, it can give you insurance for your safety through its upper surface. Its absorber features will play an essential role in a rainy season. It’s a combined featured shoe that comes at an average price.

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  • Very comfortable and lightweight

  • Attractive sporty look

  • Equally suitable as a playing and casual phase

  • Good valuation of price

  • Has some misfortune reviews for its waterproof quality

  • It can be tight on the first several uses

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Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

This is another comfortable, quality material-made shoe that adjusts with your feet’ formation easily. Most heavy golfers and physical trainees reviewed these shoes as perfect and long-durable.

Callaway Men’s Shoe can give you a perfect sporter shoe. Questions about the core requirement of good swing? The stability on the ground; Callaway focuses on its motion and flexibility, leather support, walking comfort of a sporter choice.

Callaway is a name in a sporting brand. Because of its innovation and comfortability, the shoe catches most of the customer’s eyes. This shoe has a tremendous grip and heel-to-toe traction. The Upper and the padding area have a supper comfort zone. The broader space makes it suitable for every foot.

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  • Supper comfort, durable manufacturing

  • Broader in front increases adjusting ability

  • Money worthy pairs

  • Old-fashioned outlook

Price on Amazon

ECCO Men’s Street Retro Hydromax Golf Shoe

People always want to grow with trends and new cultures. Stylish and unique designed clothes and footwears represent your fashion sense and personality also. To wear trendy, lightweight footwear on daily exercises or formal parties; These spikeless shoes can relieve you from these tensions. On the other hand, it’s more comfortable and runnable.

Ecco Men’s Street Retro Hydromax Golf Shoe is one of the rising brands in today’s market. It has its specific quality and texture on manufacturing footwear and accessories. Moreover, they constantly develop their design, leather, style, which is admirable.

This shoe’s design is venerable, which is called retro. It remains its old transformation which is most stylish. Its retro look can easily catch anyone’s eyes.

Remembering consumer demand, they provide width in front of the shoe and enlarge the ankle area, which is comfortable for anyone. Moreover, with variant colors, you get the opportunity to choose your favorite styled footwear.

Price on Amazon

  • Super-soft upper surface with style sole

  • E DTS outsole well performed on yards with stable grip

  • Retro design with quality manufacturing

  • Enlarge front provide extra area for fittings

  • Sensitive leather; dry at indoor temperature after cleaning gently

Price on Amazon

Skechers Go Golf Men’s Max Golf Shoe

The first feature that needs to mention about these shoes is their ultra-lightweight, responsive, and well-gripped outsole. So from rough use, while walking at the course or running into the street, it’ll be more comfortable and grounded feelings.

Skechers Go Golf Men’s Max Shoe is one of the best choices as an achiever or daily routine maintainer. This shoe can provide you 100 percent safety and comfort. Also, it has waterproof features and a durable grip outsole. In addition, the low drop design can enhance and ensure that you can feel close to the ground.

Moreover, it is a lightweight ultra go cushioning and Goga max insole, which will provide you a reasonable cost of your legacy. Its GOGA Max insole delivers a high-rebound area with all-day comfort.

Price on Amazon

  • Highlighted black and red color enlarge the beauty of your feet

  • Stylish formation with the synthetic upper surface

  • Water-resistant and breathable formulation

  • Some user experienced a bit of narrowness

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How to clean spikeless golf shoes?

You can’t just clean spikeless golf shoes with an ordinary post-round wipe down. Your shoes will get damaged and discomfort to you, because of not taking gentle care.

Before taking the first step, you have to know that the user says, instead of one pair of golf shoes, two pairs of them last long because golf shoes require gentle use and frequent cleaning.

Golf shoes have intended to pick up mud, sand, and other particles during long-term use. So after going out for a maximum of one week or finishing a trip, you have to remove the dirt and grass from the outsole.

Wash the upper leather surface with a bar or liquid sope and warm water. You can use one teaspoon of detergent after mixing them with a bit of water instead of soap. Avoid soaking the shoes underwater. If it happens, insert newspaper into the shoes to absorb moisture.

Dry your golf shoes under room temperature. If you’re planning to dry it faster through sunlight, a hairdryer, or any external heat, it will cause to decrease the moisture and durability of the leather and other synthetics.

Difference between spike and spikeless golf shoes

The significant difference between spiked and spikeless shoes is in the outsole. One featured soft plastic-made cleats, and the other contains a flat outsole with dimples or rubber studs instead of spikes.

Spiked golf shoes are preferable to the golf course. Because of its sharp outsole player can generate grip traction and support. In the meantime, spikeless golf shoes have the most significant advantages of serving it as casual footwear and playing golf. Spikeless shoes are more comfortable with their flat outsole, which gives a more grounded feel on every step.

3 Things to Consider When Buying a spikeless golf shoe


A qualitative pair of golf shoes contains various factors that help to measure durability. The quality of leather, synthetic sole, and the outsole every part matters for extended durability.

Most earlier, golf shoes were manufactured from solid and thick leather. Unfortunately, those types of leather are less durable and intend to get damaged after several uses. Thus it doesn’t let out the bad odors of your sweaty feet. Because of that, the inner part of your shoes got damaged, which causes discomfort and unusability of that pair of shoes.


You can’t use your shoes if they aren’t fit or discomfort on your feet. Shoes are contained different types of cushioned soles and better arch support. Before choosing your pair, check the size of your feet and swings. A human who has a lower-body needs more stability while walking. Before buying, consider the height, width of the outsole.

Additionally, check the leather quality of the upper surfaces. Choose breathable leather made shoe that lets your feet out of being a sweaty and nasty odor.


Style means your personality and test. Think on your own, what is trendy nowadays? what types of shoes you like or feel comfortable wearing to go outing usually? Most people pick slightly off-colored and simple manufactured ones. Choose your favorable styled, color, and looked pair of shoes to wear.

Buyer’s Guide

Are spikeless golf shoes more comfortable?

Spikeless golf shoes are made with a flat outsole that feels like ground while walking or running. A spiked one will give your a heavy level of strength, but its plastic cleats might feel unstable while you use that at regular cause. Those type of shoes is more effective at the golf course. Instead of that, a spikeless outsole is easier to clean. Overall, spikeless is more comfortable for walking and regular uses rather than a spiked outsole.

Can you wear spikeless golf shoes casually?

Spikeless golf shoes are something that you can use as both casual wearing and playing golf. Its flat outsole won’t serve the same level of traction as a spiked one, but it’ll work well for both on and off the green. In addition, its outsoles are manufactured as regular running shoes or walking shoes. So, you can wear them anywhere with any dress code, and they will look attractive and gives you comfortability.


Can you wear spikeless golf shoes anywhere?

Golf shoes have two major variants, spiked and spikeless. According to the condition of the course, both of them are efficient while playing golf. Along with playing golf, those shoes can be used as general footwear anywhere, rather than spiked ones. Because plastic cleats will let you slightly imbalanced feelings while walking, running, or addressing the ball at the course.

How long do spikeless golf shoes last?

According to your using purpose and how you care for using, a pair of spikeless golf shoes will last for two to three years. Its flat outsole with rubber dimples gives you grip and traction, which lets you use the boots effectively. Thus, you can use them year after years with gentle care; otherwise, they won’t last even six months after buying.

Do spikeless golf shoes slip?

In one line, No, they don’t slip. People think that because the shoe doesn’t contain spikes, it must be slippery. So yes, you’ll feel a slight difference on rainy days or wet grass in the morning. But its rubber outsole will give you as much grip as you need to run or walk.

Some words before a Goodbye

Did you find your best spikeless golf shoes for walking? If yes, you must be aware of the cleaning and caring process after several days of jogging, walking, or finishing a long trip.

If you are hesitating or unsure about which one you will choose, check the details of the products and the good things about them. You’ll find your expected one which meets your desire and comforts.


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