Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes ? Shoes Guide

Why Do Golf Shoe Have Spikes

Shoe is a protective thing that protects our feet from bacteria and other germs. We use a shoe to protect our feet from any harm. But In sports sportsmen loves to wear shoes more than a common people. If you are playing any kind of sports game then you have to wear shoes. And in many games, there is a rule to wear shoes. Also in golf, you have to wear shoes to protect your feet and keep balance while playing golf. Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes the reason is spikes helps to keep balance while hitting the ball. And that’s why many professionals prefer to have spike shoes while you are going to play golf.

Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes Okay Then Let’s Discuss This Concussion

Spikes shoes can give you better traction and grip than a normal shoe. On the other hand, a spikeless shoe gives you grip and traction but not like a spike shoe. So the main reason is golf shoes contains spikes for better grip.

Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes

Difference Between Spike And Spikeless Golf Shoe

There is a difference between a spike golf shoe and spikeless golf shoes. The main difference is Spike golf shoes feature actual spike on the outsole which is made of steel or plastic. Spikeless versions provide a flat outsole consisting of dimples or rubber knob in place of spikes.

Spikes are known for grip traction and support and will likely produce a bit more edgewise stability than spikeless shoes. They provide a great foundation for your game whether playing conditions are wet-dry hilly or flat.

It might be the superior choice if you’re playing a soggy or hilly course. Spikeless versions are both versatile and convenient. You can go straight from car to course to the clubhouse without having to change your shoes.

Today’s spikeless designs are becoming more advanced with excellent grip traction support comfort and flexibility. And superior ground field so much that you might want to wear them casually wherever you go. So which shoes are right for you it will always come down to your personal preference.

Best Spike Shoes For Golf

If you decided to play golf with spike shoes then you must know which is best for you. There are so many spike shoes for playing golf. But if you are looking for e Good quality spike shoe then you can go for Adidas Adipure Flex.

Adidas Adipure Flex is the best spike shoe for golfers. And if you are looking for a spikeless golf shoe then Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 is a perfect spikeless shoe. But many golfers looking for more stability. Then they can go for Puma Ignite Pwradapt and New Balance Minimus Shoe.

But we know spike shoes can give you more grip than a spikeless shoe. And you always want to play a good game then get a spike shoe. For better grip and traction Adidas Adipure Flex is recommended.

How Long Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Last Boots

If you are a Golfer then you know which types of shoes are good for you. And in this modern era, many golfers love to wear a spikeless shoe than a spike one. Because a spikeless shoe is more lightweight than a spike shoe.

A spikeless golf shoe can last for 3 to 5 years if you have good quality golf shoes. But wait there is a condition if you play golf most often in a wet condition. And after the game you store your shoes in a car or trunk then it will go for one season.

On the other hand, if you dry your shoes after playing each game. Then your shoes will be last long for three to four seasons. So the way of using the shoes is up to your choice.

What Are Soft Spike Golf Shoes

A golfer loves to play shots perfectly every time and wants to get a good grip and traction. If you slip while going for a shot then you will miss your target. But as we know a spike shoe can provide you better grip and traction.

And in this modern time, many golfers use spikeless shoe rather than a spike one. Because we know spike shoes are heavier than spikeless shoes. But now many brands are making soft spikes for the player. Soft spikes are lightweight than a steel spike shoes.

There is no doubt steel spikes are best but it will also damage you and others. Like in football if you are using a steel spike. And you are going for defense and perform a sliding tackle then your opponent may be hurt thorough it. So better to use soft spikes for you and others.

How to Remove Soft Spikes From Golf Shoes

If you see that your golf shoe spikes are broken or damaged. Then don’t need to worry just replace the spikes from your shoes. So you need to do is just follow some steps to change or remove the spikes from your golf shoes.

Step-1: Use a golf spike wrench. You can tighten or loosen your spike through this wrench  If you see your spike is broken then change it.

Step-2: use a lubricant grease if you see that your spikes get stuck.

Step-3:  use drills and pliers if need.

And Always look after your golf spikes so that you can play a better game than other golfers.

Our Verdict

Choosing a spike or spikeless shoe depends on you. If you are serious about your play get a pair of each and match them to course condition. So lace up your new pair and hit the course in comfort. So choice is your which you will go for


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