Best Basketball Shoes Under 50: Price VS Quality

best cheap basketball shoes

Every basketball player seeks a pair of best possible shoes. In the market best basketball shoes are expensive and branded company only manufacture for professional players. But playing randomly spending more than 50 USD isn’t a popular opinion. However you can have least budget basketball shoes in the market, but finding the best basketball shoes under 50 USD is tough.

For this most of the player don’t practice regularly and losing interest in the game.

Here I have studied more than 20 brands that manufacture and sell good quality athlete and basketball shoes under 50 USD. You experience with your one with perfect size, attractive design and durability in your basketball ground. By this article, you can relate and compare the products being described below.

Best Basketball Shoes Under 50

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

There is a massive variety in the design and color of their shoes. It’s impressive to see ten different colors in 100% synthetic shoes. Beita high upper basketball shoes are perfect for sports, runners and very comfortable to wear functionally. In these shoes, they provide rubber damping soles.

That helps to support substantial ground holding and maintenance with your weight. Make the shoe lightweight, and using a heel shield gives perfect structure to shoes. These shoes are durable and relatively stable that feel very comfortable every step.

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The core material of these brand shoes is supreme quality. Though it’s an underrated shoe brand, they can make high-quality basketball shoes. Anyone can easily pick their shoes as per their budget. These shoes are durable and also water-resistant. So it’s clear that no sweating will make the surface of the shoe uncomfortable.

The most reliable fact is you will get these full quality shoes for only under 50$.

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  • quite flexible and lightweight shoes

  • provide good breathability and waterproof.

  • the best partner for exercise time

  • support weight with substantial ground holding

  • maintain stability with a great look

  • a great deal at the lowest price

  • The size of these shoes are not adjustable

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Top 3 best basketball shoes under 50

This part of the article described the top 5 best basketball shoes under 50 dollars in the price range. You will get to know about the product quality, Pros and cons of each product and all the features of these shoes.

Fila Men’s Ventilated Basketball Shoe

These black Fila men’s shoes are very comfortable to use. Their cushioning material gives the entire quality of basketball shoes. That shoes will cause only 49.0$, totally a good deal in such a cheap price range. The complete manufacture of these shoes is based in Italy.

These stable shoes are made of synthetic label leather that keeps the boots most comfortable. For the runners, these refined material shoes are comparatively the best to choose. The item model number of- BIG BANG 3 VENTILATED is perfect for both men and women.

They have provided a perfect manual guide as per your shoe size so that everyone can purchase the ideal size as their feet size.

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  • super lightweight and comfortable

  • provide lots of cushion as basketball style shoes

  • perfect fit into any foot size.

  • last long in a day without any trouble

  • quality full black design

  • reasonable at price

  • Finding the correct size of your feet might be difficult.

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PUMA Men’s Legacy ’68 best men’s basketball shoes

PUMA Men’s legacy 68 basketball shoe is a modern design and a solid make-up shoe. And the boots are sure to compel your game trials hassle-free.  The mesh prime makes sure a tidy fit, and the anti-slip rubber base helps you to survive on the tip of your event.

Puma is a leading manufacturer of games and lifestyle shoes. With cushioned insoles ideal for extended wear for everyone, as competitors run long-distance races with Puma, you will find every advantage of execution shoes with all styles of your life.

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  • It is very comfortable and fits perfectly.

  • This shoe has good grip and traction on the ground for Basketball.

  • Made with fabric, rubber, and mesh materials.

  • It is lightweight for cushions and bounces.

  • Having size is appropriate.

  • The first few days may seem strict.

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AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Mid- best basketball shoes for men

A lightweight synthetic leather top (which is lighter enough than the original stuff) AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 MID basketball shoes will give you speed on the court.

From the mesh tongue, you get a helpful and breathing journey so that your feet stay excellent, fresh, and protected.

The quarterly molding design is what you need for improved lateral stability.

They provide the feeling of an invincible court with a low profile and quick response time.

You have great pads from your built-in EVA footbeds, and the high corrosion-shaped elastic outsole with multi-way herringbone gives you extraordinary grip and visibility.

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  • Unique design and pretty styleable shoe.

  • These shoes are very comfortable.

  • These shoes last a long time with continuous use.

  • It is a cheap shoe.

  • Not suitable for yard work.

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How to clean basketball shoes?

For the first time, remove the stones from the floor: If you play outside the Basketball, your shoes may have dirt and rocks in the groove of the sole.  Please get rid of them.

Remove excessive amounts of dirt: Use an old toothbrush or other fine brush to remove lots of dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes.

Rinse with soap and water at that moment: Create a combination of high temp water and some eco-friendly clothing cleanser.  Gently refer the mix to basketball shoes with a clean cloth.

Rinse: Clean it by dipping it in mild warm water with a cloth and remove the over-collars cleaning cleanser from the shoes.

Dry at room temperature: Dry a lot in pat shoes and usually dry at room temperature.

Air the insoles: Remove the insoles of your basketball shoes and let them rise.  You can rinse and dry the insoles with the cleaning information above. Sprinkle some baking soda to soak to splash these.

Most Important Factors Basketball Shoes.


Every person likes stylish shoes. Basketball shoes are very fashionable. The shoes can be designed like sports equipment, and New items are delivered regularly.  Not everyone wants the most recent style, and you can also discover works of art.   When you choose basketball shoes, you need to consider your body and how you deal with the game.


Comfort is the main factor in the selection of Basketball shoes several times.  No matter how hard it takes to see the two shoes, the player is uncomfortable, frustrated, and possibly at risk that they don’t fit as expected.  Basketball is a high-oscillation sport that puts an exceptional amount of weight on the legs, ankles,  and knees.  If the shoe does not comfort properly, the effect is not expected by the body, and there is a marked tendency for the wound or treatment to occur.

An excessively free shoe (or does not shape effectively around the foot) has a lot of impact on the lower leg formula or the knee.  A shoe too close can bring a damaged toe or curve.  So, it is vital to buy Basketball shoes comfortably, where you can give them a shot, run and jump before buying them.


In addition to considering the shoe mileage before buying shoes, it is critical.  Between training and games, the basketball season is usually three to four months long.  If you add summer practice,  triple danger Basketball camp, your Basketball shoes should persevere through six to eight months of unpleasant wear.  The truth of most Basketball shoes is that they are made regularly for a short period.

Basketball shoes are still wearable by age. The benefits of fit, backing, and ingestion are starting to fade as they become less secure to wear on the court.  So finding a manageable pair is essential.

Basketball shoe Review: Buyer’s Guide

What basketball shoes should I get?

To buy basketball shoes, you must observe some points. The size, durability, price, comfort issue, safety, padding materials, etc., should remain on the list. The shoe which gives a positive response to these features will be best for you. The best basketball shoes you should get are given below.

  • Fila Men’s Ventilated Basketball Shoe
  • AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe
  • PUMA Men’s Legacy ’68 Basketball Shoe etc.
  1. Which basketball shoes are suitable for wide feet?

All of the basketball shoes are not perfect for wide feet. Some of the best shoes for wide feet are given below.

  • Jordan Nike Air 1 Mid SE Light Club Women’s Shoes
  • Jordan Men’s Fitness Shoes
  • Jordan B’loyal (gs) Big Kids Basketball Shoes etc.
  1. Should basketball shoes be high tops?

The top of the shoes will be high or low, depending on the user. Firstly, people thought that to use high-top shoes. The user faced some problems. At present, it is found that there is not too much difference between them. The high-top one protects the ankle from injury. It is challenging, comprehensive, and robust. On the other hand, the one on the low top helps to work fast and efficiently. So you the selection is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basketball shoes worth it?

Yes, the basketball shoes are worth using. It protects your leg from being sprained. You may play Basketball by wearing any other shoes. But they can not provide you with the ultimate safety that the shoes offer. So always try to wear the shoe during play.

How to add grip to basketball shoes?

Grips make the shoe comfortable and safe to use. It prevents the slippery nature of the basketball shoe. The process to add grip to the shoe is very simple. You can add grip to your shoes in the following ways.

  • Clean the sole of the basketball shoes. Most of the time, the dust, mud, waste materials cover the sole, and it can’t utilize the traction power.
  • Sponge the sole regular basis to get rid of dirt. Apply grip materials in the sole. You may use grip lotion or gel for this.
  • Change the sole of the shoe. If the traction power is lost, exchange the sole with a new one.

Final Word

By following the instructions, you can easily buy the best basketball shoes under 50. This guidance will ensure you the best quality product at an attractive price. It will save your time, labor and provide you with the best sense of your desired shoes. So buy the best quality basketball shoe and enjoy playing.



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