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best adidas running shoes women
best adidas running shoes women

Shoes are our companions in everyday life. They don’t just provide us with comfort but also enhance our appearance. That’s why for the past many years, some global brands are collecting praises for making shoes that are worth having. They are putting all their efforts into making our daily life companions look more charming, comforting, and long-lasting. Among those brands, Adidas is a royal name. Adidas shoes are best for raw uses, especially for running. herefore, today we have brought you the best Adidas running shoes for men.

Also, we will share with you the simple process of keeping your running shoes clean. Hence, without further ado, let’s get started.

best Adidas running shoes for men
best Adidas running shoes for men

The 5 best Adidas running shoes for men

To help you find worth the buy shoes, all of us in our team worked hard and found out 5 best Adidas shoes for men. We have considered each thing we should whenever purchasing shoes. You can go with any of the below to use for running and use raw. So here we go, presenting to you the top 5 running shoes of Adidas.

Adidas Duramo 9 review

Are you finding running shoes for your kids? The duramo 9 is an unbeatable pair of running shoes for kids. Both boys and girls can wear them. Adidas kept in mind that your kid needs comfort must when playing around.

Therefore, they produced duramo 9 with original other fibers. The upper is made of mesh to offer your kids the ultimate convenience. Since kids run faster, they need shoe soles of better quality, which will last longer.

So, Adidas used synthetic soles. The outsole is durable adiwear. It will give your children the experience of fluid movement. The shoe’s heel is designed to feature free motion, which lets them enjoy the feel of plush.

Moreover, the ultra-soft cushioning is added for stable landing when running super fast. To keep your kid’s feet less sweaty, the shoes’ upper part is made quite breathable. They are available at regular fit sizes so that your kids can have the right fit of the shoes.

  • Duramo 9 comes in a fashionable appearance.

  • The mesh-made and breathable upper provides accurate comfort and flexibility.

  • It offers ultra-soft cushioning for safe running and landing.

  • The shoe heels are featuring free motion and provide a plush feel.

  • It’s available in various regular sizes.

  • The holes of the shoelace are not the shoe’s part

Adidas Boston 9 review mens

We put Boston 9 in the second position on our list because of its super athletic support. Loved by pro athletes since it has absolute comfort and pressure-reducing ability.

It has made using mesh and synthetic so that it feels soft for our feet and breathable enough. Thanks to its upper fabrics, running means a lot of work and sweat, but you will not face the sweating feet easily.

Because of its lightweight, you can achieve the desirable explosive speed you are targeting to gain. In addition, its light strike cushioning allows you to move freely.

With the speedy transitions it offers, you will surely end the training session quickly because when you have the right stability, flexibility, and speed, you finish the practice part earlier.

Keeping in mind the trendy generation, Adidas produced duramo 9 with a unique design and colors.

  • The mesh and synthetic upper lets you feels great and comfortable while wearing.

  • The breathable upper allows the air to come and go inside and outside of the shoe.

  • Much lighter weight to add extra speed to your race.

  • It helps to gain speedy transitions for a more flexible and stable running performance.

  • Available in different attractive colors and designs.

  • It has some size issues.

Adidas Solar Glide review

If fashion is what you care for most, then Adidas has got your back. The solar glide running shoes are extremely eye-catchy that you will pick everyone’s attention when running wearing them.

It’s not the only reason for choosing the solar glide; you have many other reasons to finalize it as your training partner. But, of course, at first, if we talk about quality, it is not behind the other shoes, produced using synthetic and fabric, it will just provide you with the real relaxation you want.

Both the parts of the shoes, upper and lower, are created with high-quality materials. The outer sole is rubber so that you never get slipped and fall of while running at the best speed.

  • Stylish-looking pair of running shoes.

  • Synthetic and fabric created upper to make it breathable.

  • The rubber-made outer sole of the shoes can provide continuous support.

  • Since it’s also lightweight, you are free of gaining as much speed as you can.

  • The whole shoe is durable enough to serve you for a longer period.

  • The shoe’s toe box is shallow.

Adidas Ultraboost 21

Now, are you looking for a running shoe pair that seems simple yet trendy? Adidas Ultraboost 21 is then the proper choice for you. It fits snug at your feet while leaving you in comfort no matter how speedy you run.

These are designed in a way that will surely let you enjoy the right steadiness plus pliability. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the size anymore, since they have plenty of options for sizes.

A pair of running shoes must be lightweight, or it will fail to offer the necessary movement convenience.

So, ultra boost 21 also weighs light enough to support you by letting your feet feel light. In addition, the cushioned midsole will give you 100% stability.

  • It fits snugly yet feels pleasant.

  • Comes in a simply beautiful design with a variety of color options.

  • The upper part of the shoe contains soft and waterproof fabric.

  • Weights lighter so that they can help you gain extra speed.

  • Its cushioned midsole offers significant fastness.

  • The price seems higher than it should be.

Adidas Boston 7 review

Found in 9 different sizes, Adidas Boston 7 hit popularity from the day it was brought. This pair of Adidas’s creations will surely satisfy you because of its snug fit.

It will fit tight yet will feel pleasant. With the high arch, you will be provided the desired support for running. But there’s a little suggestion on this, always when choosing Boston 7, make sure to get the half size bigger than your real size.

Or else the shoe might feel too tight. The shoe upper is air mesh; it makes the shoe a breathable collection.

Weights lighter so, you are guaranteed to have a faster running experience. In addition, it features microfit locks that ensure your stability while running, keep a good direction, and still having great speed.

The cushioning of Boston 7 is a highlighted fact since it can return the energy you are using to run.

  • The light in weight trait makes it a correct choice for running fast.

  • It fits snugly and helps you move faster than any other in your town.

  • Reduces the sweating by the breathability of the upper.

  • It offers the splendid cushioning you must need for getting a constant return of energy.

  • The outsole can flex naturally and lets you enjoy energized ride.

  • The color fades away if it comes in contact with water.

Lifestyle vs. Performance

You may know or not know, but sneakers that we use for various practices are divided into two large sections. One is called lifestyle, and the other is called performance.

There are differences in both of them, and you can easily tell those differences by seeing them and wearing them.

Knowing about both categories is essential since it will help you understand which one you need. So let’s get to know about each of the kinds of training shoes.


Lifestyle shoes are kind of casual shoes, but sometimes they look like they are athletic. This is because people usually wear lifestyle shoes daily.

A lifestyle pair of shoes are best for walking and using raw, but you can use them as performance sneakers if you like. Although it depends on the comfort but also another fact is durability.

The lifestyle shoes will not last as long as performance shoes can. Their appearance is usually simple, but of course, many are fashionable too. They have a good grip on your feet and seem most convenient.

A lifestyle shoe can be used for running purposes, but it will not serve just like performance shoes. These are generally more affordable than the performance sneakers and lack premium quality too.


Such shoes are certainly made for practicing sports. The sport could be anything, running, climbing, jumping, playing and so on. They usually have a cool appearance and much more durable than lifestyle shoes.

They are made of high-quality fabrics to provide the athletes necessary comfy they need. Although the shoe uppers are thicker, they are given breathability since practicing will cause sweat, and sweating will make the feet smelly.

Plus, performance shoes have high heels that help smooth landing when running and reduce pressure when weight lifting. Finally, to increase the lifespan of these sneakers, most of them have outer rubber soles. They are, of course, a little expensive but worth the investment.

how to clean Adidas running shoes

Keeping our shoes clean is a must, or else they will lose their charming look and get damaged earlier.

A pair of running shoes can get dirty in several ways, but cleaning them has a few fixed easy steps. By following all the steps below, you can clean your Adidas running shoes in no time.

First Step

Use any brush, small or big, and it helps wipe away all the filth, mud, or grass that your shoes have on the surface.

Second Step

If the shoelaces and insoles of your Adidas shoe are removable, then replace both of them with the new items. Or you can clean them too in a washing machine by using a good amount of detergent.

Third Step

Use any laundry detergent and mix that pretty well with some hot water. Next, take a scrubber, wet that into the soapy water, and gently but putting effort to scrub off the shoes’ strains.

Fourth Step

With a clean piece of cloth, now rinse the grime, suds, soap. Do not let the soap stay on the sneakers. It will rather harm the upper surface of your shoes.

Fifth Step

Finally, you can let it dry naturally at room temperature, or you can also use the hairdryer and dry them by yourself. Avoid letting them stay in the direct sunlight because that can shrink the shoes.


how often should I replace my running shoes?

Running shoes also have limitations. You can’t have running shoes that will last forever. You have to change the shoes by yourself. To understand when you have to change the boots is to know how many miles you have run wearing them.

According to experts, when your shoes have supported you in the running for miles between 450-550, you should get a new pair of shoes. But still, if the shoe is so good to last more than that, you can wear them.

Does Adidas make trail running shoes?

Luckily yes, Adidas makes trail running shoes. They are comfortable enough and serve a great performance. In addition, wearing them feels lighter, making them the perfect trail running shoes for us.

How do Adidas shoes fit?

Usually, a large number of Adidas shoes fit properly, and the sizes are true. But sometimes it’s better to buy half size bigger from online.

Since you cannot instantly check which size fits your legs accurately, it’s better to get a little larger than your usual size. In addition, it decreases the risk of picking the wrong pair of shoes.

Final Words

Adidas is considered the number one footwear brand internationally. They have been collecting praises for delivering the overall best quality shoes, no matter lifestyle or performance-based.

We can ensure your satisfaction if you choose any of our recommend running shoes we mentioned in our best Adidas running shoes for men article.


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