Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet (Best Deals) In 2022


Hiking and trailing with wide flat feet can be difficult and sometimes impossible for you. You will be presented with in-depth guidance about the best hiking shoes for flat feet in this article.

Hiking is an adventurous and fun activity especially when you travel with your friends and family. But, if you have flat feet, then it can be somewhat dangerous during extreme weather conditions.

Getting the best hiking shoes for flat feet can be a solution for you. Hiking trails are very rough with higher angled roads. Hiking shoes are designed in such a way that your feet can fit in the correct posture and give you a good grip.

It will not only save your hiking enthusiasm but will also make your journey enjoyable. This will also give you total control over your body on different types of terrains. You must choose a good hiking shoe with strong construction, a breathable body, and a tough outsole for your hiking journey.

Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

The 8 Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

Let’s dive in to get detailed knowledge about the best hiking shoes for flat feet.

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe-Best Merrell Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Merrell Hiking Shoes

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Merrel is a quite famous and popular name for developing high-grade shoes and boots. Every hiker wants aggressive-looking and comfortable hiking shoes. Merrell Moab 2 Vent can offer you the exact features and comfort you are looking for.

It will provide you with Eight different eye-catching color shades and designs. The Dual material upper construction with the front bumper gives it an aggressive outlook for hiking.

This hiking shoe is made up of leather stripes on the side for lace support and upper meshed covering. It gives the shoe a premium body build-up. Moreover, you will feel more comfortable with its lightweight and ergonomic design.

You will find the lace-up closure system in this shoe. It’ll help you to insert and remove shoes conveniently. The lace-up closure also allows you to give your feet a comfortable and tight-fitting for rough terrains.

The meshed upper covering will provide your feet with proper and continuous airflow. It will keep your feet cool and dry in warm weather conditions.

Soft cushioned insoles and blended EVA contoured footbeds will add more comfort to each step. The EVA midsole will give stability to your body while hiking on banked roads.

It consists of a solid rubber outsole made of Vibram TC5+ quality with 5mm lug depth on the bottom. These give you good traction on rough surfaces and added protection to your feet. The air cushion inside the heel will help in distributing the body pressure equally on your feet for reduced stress.

  • Tough and durable construction.

  • Comfortable to wear on rugged terrains.

  • Very lightweight.

  • Protects the toe and fingers.

  • Suitable for wide and flat feet.

  • Not water or chemical proof.

  • No ankle or arch support.

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WHITIN Minimalist Trail Runner-Best Flat Foot Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes

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The Trail runner from the well-known brand WHITIN will provide a wide free area for your toe and fingers to wiggle. It comes with over sixteen different designs and aesthetic color blends for you to choose the best one.

This shoe is made with animal-free mesh fabric. It turns the shoe to be very light in weight and breathable as well. Your feet will become dry and sweat-free for a long period.

Its midsole is very soft and cushioned, offering your feet a comfortable feeling in every step. It also has a soft footbed and removable insole. You either add a customized sockliner or simply remove the insole for a more barefoot experience.

The quick lace-type closure will allow you to put in or off your shoe in no time. You can easily adjust the fitting using the quick lace button that does not require a knot.

The user will experience good grip and control over traction for the solid and flat rubber sole aggressive lugs.

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  • Fingers can relax and wiggled.

  • Barefoot experience with less fatigue.

  • Very suitable for flat feet.

  • Can be put on quickly.

  • Well-balanced and good weight distribution.

  • Weather dependent.

  • Unprotected front end and upper.

KEEN Men’s Targhee III Waterproof Leather Hiking Shoe-Best Men’s Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

Every hiker has a dream of hiking on rough terrains in extreme weather conditions. The waterproof feature of Keen’s Targhee III will give your adventurous spirit a boost to hike in any weather.

It has been designed with an extremely aggressive look with over six color profiles suitable for any competitive hiker. This shoe is constructed with 100% pure leather on every side with a slight mesh covering. It gives the shoe a flagship durable body with breathable and waterproof features as well.

You can keep your body very stable on uneven surfaces due to the Torsion stability External Support Shank (ESS). It also has an injected TPU-heel capture system. This feature moves some of the body pressure from your heel for proper balance and less fatigue.

The padded tongue and cushioned collar will add extra comfort to your back feet. This shoe has been installed with a metatomical dual-density EVA footbed that supports your under feet ergonomically. Moreover, the removable footbed can be replaced with your customized insole for better performance.

This shoe’s tough and solid rubber outsole with an inch of the heel gives stability to your body. Besides, 4mm multi-directional rubber lugs will provide you with good control over traction on muddy and rocky terrains.

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  • Hard and durable body construction.

  • Suitable for all weather and environments.

  • Can be worn on any surface.

  • Gives a good grip on slurry soil.

  • Provides friendly arch support with moderate ankle support.

  • Relatively overweight

  • Not enough area for a wide toe.

Knixmax Hiking Shoes-Best Light Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

If you are looking for a shoe compatible with multiple purposes such as hiking, trekking, or daily running. Then the Knixmax can be a good pick.

It possesses a classic sneaker design suitable for different purposes. You pick one from six different shades of color profile for your desired activity.

This shoe is made up of leather side stripes with meshed fabric under it. Therefore the shoe has a benchmark level of construction with lightweight as well giving you comfortable outdoor activity.

The lace-up closure system will allow you to quickly put on the shoe and give good fitting. Your feet will remain cool and dry for a long time of wearing due to the meshed upper.

It has a cushioned and soft insole with a roomy toe box allowing you to relax your fingers with comfort. The midsole and collars are also well-cushioned giving your feet better balance and arch support.

You will get a very good grip and traction control on a mixed surface with the rubber outsole with aggressive lugs. Minimal heel height and curved toe will distribute the body equally on your feet for minimum fatigue.

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  • Classic body design.

  • Provides balance and body control.

  • Light in weight.

  • Comfortable fitting.

  • Multi-purpose uses.

  • Cannot be used in monsoon.

  • Not suitable for sharp and rocky terrains.

  • Unprotected toe.

Keen Men’s Targhee II WP Mid Wide Hiking Boot-Best Hiking Shoes For Wide Flat Feet

Another Keen’s boot for giving you the best hiking experience with better ankle support is the Targhee II WP Mid. It is specially designed for rough hiking and trekking with wide and flat feet.

This hiking boot has been released with 10 aggressive designs and colors for you to pick according to your desire.

It has a durable body with increased endurance due to the 100% leather construction with meshed fabric lining. You will experience reduced sweating in your feet due to the well-ventilated mesh fabric upper covering.

The Metatomical EVA footbed and cushion insole will ensure maximum comfort to your feet while moving on rocky terrains. You can adjust the fitting easily using the lace-type closure system.

This shoe possesses a solid rubber outsole with a high heel and curved toe. It gives you a good body balance and arch support to your posterior. The 4mm multidirectional lugs bite the ground allowing a nice traction control and grip on muddy surfaces.

Its heel has an air cushion installed to give contoured support for reduced pressure. The rubber is designed to leave no markings while moving indoors.

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  • Very hard and long-lasting body.

  • Gives toe protection from external injuries.

  • Supports the ankle.

  • Helps in reducing heel fatigue while hiking.

  • Lock on the heel.

  • Not lightweight.

  • Not suitable for rainy weather conditions.

MAINCH Hiking Water Shoes-Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Women with flat feet suffer the most because of the lack of available shoes. The Mainch Water Shoe is designed considering women with flat and wide feet.

It possesses a classic sneaker design making it wearable for different purposes. You can choose your required color profile from five solid shades of color.

This shoe has a 100% meshed fabric body construction that makes it extremely lightweight. Moreover, the breathability feature of the open mesh upper keeps your feet dry for a long time of outdoor activity.

It is composed of a soft collar and insole lining that provides your feet with constant comfort. The shoelace closure gives you the authority to tighten or loosen the fitting.

The rubber outsole has decent heel height and strong lugs in the bottom. It will give you great control and balance on dry uneven surfaces and muddy terrains as well. The hard rubber toe protects your toe from banging on rocks or stones accidentally.

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  • Provides good arch support.

  • Suitable for wide feet.

  • Very lightweight

  • Multipurpose uses.

  • Compatible with flat-surfaced feet.

  • Weather dependent.

  • Cannot sustain rough terrains.

Columbia Redmond V2-Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet And Overpronation

Columbia is a popular North-American brand that produces benchmark shoes and boots for Men. The Redmond V2 has been architectured for sustaining rough hiking situations for any type of foot. It comes with seven unique outlooks and color profiles.

The Redmond V2 has been manufactured using leather on the side and back. Moreover, mesh fabrication on the upper makes it lightweight and breathable as well. Overall body construction is very durable and sustainable.

It has a classic lace-up closure system to allow you a nice and comfortable fitting. The soft cushioned sock liner and midsole will not only provide comfort in each step. But, it will also provide you with easing control to your feet and body.

The Omni-Tech seam-sealed outer membrane with featured Techlite midsole makes the shoe waterproof and protected from any type of liquids.

Its outsole is made of solid rubber making the shoe durable and endured to give maximum performance. Moreover, the company’s signature Omni-grip in the bottom ensures better control over traction on any type of terrain. This makes the shoe a three-season usable one.

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  • All season usable shoes.

  • Protects the toe and finger.

  • Suitable for all types of terrains.

  • Does not leave an impact mark indoors.

  • Convenient to put on or put off.

  • Cannot provide good ankle support.

  • Relatively lessened toe box.

ANJOUFEMME Hiking Snow Winter Boots-Best Hiking Shoes For Bunions And Flat Feet

If you are fond of conventional boots for getting eased flat feet surface area then the Anjoufemme boot is for you.

It has a classic boot design with great ankle support that gives you a nice and balanced posture. You will get twenty-five options of designs and color profiles to select your desired one.

This boot is constructed with premium lecture material only. It gives the boot a solid premium outlook and quality as well. You can wear it roughly on different occasions without the tension of degrading the boot.

The outsole is Thermoplastic Elastomer made. It insulates the entire boot keeping your feet safe from electricity and heat. Besides, the boot is featured with a water-resistant buildup allowing you to wear it in any season.

It has a shank measure from ankle to arch for balanced pressure on different areas of the feet.  in releasing the fatigue caused by hiking or trekking on uneven surfaces for a long time.

The rubberized grips are featured on the bottom making it anti-slip and gives good control over traction.

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  • Can be used for professional and casual outings.

  • Suitable for flat feet.

  • Provide great ankle and arch support.

  • Durable and rough.

  • Convenient fitting.

  • Not suitable for rocky terrains.

  • Not recommended for trailing in sharp edges and banks.

Buying Guides

Competitive hikers require shoes with some notable features. Moreover, not all hiking shoes support wide and flat feet. This section will enlighten you about the things you should be looking for while getting a hiking shoe.


Hiking shoes with a wide toe box are compatible with the flat feet of a hiker. The footbed should accommodate your feet comfortably and you must be able to wiggle your toe fingers easily.


The outsole of the hiking shoe should have an inch of heel height with a curved toe design. It will allow you to put less pressure on your heel only. Besides, this structural design will distribute the pressure caused by your body weight equally on every area of the feet. Therefore, reduced fatigue can be achieved along with proper balance and support.

Ankle and Arch support

Hiking with wide and flat feet can be tricky without arch and ankle support. It is recommended to get hiking boots rather than shoes for better ankle and arch support.


Shoes with meshed fabrication keep your feet cool and dry while hiking in warm weather conditions.


Hiking with lightweight shoes makes the job easier and more comfortable. Besides, it helps you to keep balance on uneven surfaces conveniently.


We shall be getting the answers to some common questions asked by buyers.

What are the best shoes for someone with flat feet?

Shoes with a wide toe box, contour heel, and footbed would be the best for someone with flat feet. All these features of a shoe stabilize the cons caused by flat feet and allow the user to get maximum support and comfort.

What kind of shoes do I need for flat feet?

You should pick a shoe with a wide toe box. It will give your feet enough area to put pressure on. Moreover, it also allows you to relax and wiggle your toe fingers easily after a long hike or movement.

Can flat-footed people hike?

Provided with proper hiking shoes or boots and gears people with flat feet can join hiking. A good hiking shoe with a wide toe area allows people to hike comfortably. Additional hiking gear makes hiking even easier for them.

Should hiking shoes have arch support?

Hiking shoes must have a proper arch-supporting feature. A hiking shoe with compatible arch support with the owner’s feet avoids blisters, rashes, and other discomforts caused by hiking on rough terrains.

How do I stop my feet from hurting when hiking?

You can use some measures such as changing old socks, blister patches, and adding talcum powder to keep the feet dry. Besides, you can put off your shoes to let your feet rest for a while to reduce the fatigue caused by hiking.

Final Notes

Hiking can be great fun if you can move with ease. Since hiking puts the entire body and gear weights on your feet, it becomes extremely pressurized for your feet to handle. Besides, it becomes even more challenging if you have wide and flat feet.

That’s why you must give time and do some research to get the best hiking shoes for flat feet. It will not only allow you to move around easily but shall also reduce fatigue. Hiking shoes with good arch support and a wide toe box will support your flat feet and make hiking more enjoyable.



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