RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe- Get Ready for Adventure

RYKA women’s sky walking shoe

All of us want to keep ourselves fit and healthy. For this reason, we do different kind of exercises. Walking is one of these and the best exercise for both man and woman. Most of us know the benefits of walking and like to walk. Some of us enjoy walking and some cannot go for walk because they are too busy. After setting aside time for walking, one may feel that he or she does not have the perfect shoes for walking. He or she may face different types of problems like- the shoes are too big or too small and the shoes are too heavy. Even he or she may find that the shoes are not suitable for his or her feet. So, to solve this problem for women, we are going to review RYKA women’s sky walking shoe.

These walking shoes are just perfect for walking for women. Walking would be like fun and interesting activity for women if they have these shoes in their feet. These are light-weight walking shoes so that women will not feel any pain in their feet. These shoes are made of 100% leather and they are durable. Most interestingly, these shoes are available in different colors which may be liked by women.

Revealing RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe: Perfect walking shoe for women

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RYKA women’s sky walking shoe

Available On Amazon


We will discuss all the facts about these women walking shoes. We will discuss amazing features, pros and cons of these walking shoes so that you will have clear perception of these shoes. So guys, without wasting anytime let’s begin our discussion about these women’s walking shoes.

Amazing features of these women’s walking shoes

These RYKA women’s walking shoes have some outstanding features which may amaze you guys. Let’s know these features guys-

  • Rubber outsole for traction: These RYKA walking shoes have rubber outsole so that the users or women will more traction during walking.
  • Light-weight EVA midsole: These walking shoes have EVA midsole which is super light-weight so that women will get responsive cushioning with every step.
  • 100% leather: These walking shoes are made of 100% leather and mesh, this feature makes the shoes more durable.
  • Imported walking shoes: These RYKA walking shoes for women are considered as imported walking shoes.
  • Lace-up walking shoes: These are lace-up walking shoes for women featuring breathable mesh upper with supportive leather overlays.
  • Weight of the shoes: The weight of these women’s walking shoes is 12 ounces.
  • Dimensions of the shoes: The dimensions of the RYKA walking shoes are 5 x 5 x 0.7.
  • Colors of the shoes: These walking shoes for women are available in different colors.If you are interested to buy these pairs of shoes then you guys may check the colors. These color combinations are really impressive.

Available On Amazon

These are amazing and outstanding features of these RYKA walking shoes for women. We hope that all of you are amazed by knowing the features of these walking shoes.


Every product has some advantages and now, we are going to share the advantages of these women’s walking shoes. Here they are-

  • Durable: These walking shoes for women are manufactured with great materials so that these shoes are more durable.
  • Comfortable: These RYKA women’s walking shoes have goof mechanism so that during walking the users of these shoes will feel comfortable.
  • Light-weight: For walking, these shoes are needed to be light-weight so that the users can walk for long time. These women walking shoes are light-weighted because the manufacturer wants to satisfy the users.
  • Great traction: Women will get great traction during walking if they wear these shoes because these shoes have rubber outsole.
  • Unique designed shoes: The women walking shoes are manufactured with a unique design.
  • Modern outlook: The manufacturer make these walking shoes to give them a modern look and stylish for women users.

These are the advantages or pros of the walking women’s shoes. These amazing pros are money worth of these shoes.


Now, it’s time to discuss the disadvantages of these RYKA women’s walking shoes. We all know that every product has disadvantages besides having advantages. These disadvantages are given below-

  • Size of shoes: Some of the women users of these shoes face problem due to the size of these walking shoes.
  • Problem of heel of shoes: Some users complained that they have purchased the shoes but within a short time the heels of the shoes are separated.
  • Problem of insole of shoes: These shoes do not have good quality insole and that is complained by the users of the shoes.
  • Memory foam of the shoes: Some users say that the memory foam inserted in these shoes is not good enough.

Some of you may be disheartened after knowing the disadvantages of these walking shoes. But want to add that every product has some disadvantages and the cons of the shoes seem little comparing with the features and advantages of these shoes.

Available On Amazon

Buying guides for RYKA women’s sky shoe

Now, we are going to share some buying guides for these women’s walking shoes. These guides are given below-

  • Colors of the shoes: These walking shoes for women have different colors and you guys may choose the perfect one for your walking purpose.
  • Size of these shoes: To avoid size problems of these walking shoes, we want to advice the interested users of the shoes that you guys should order perfect size for you.

Final words

In our article of RYKA women’s sky walking shoe, we discussed all the relevant facts related with these shoes. We reveal the amazing features and pros of these walking shoes and we also reveal some disadvantages of these shoes. But as we mentioned before that comparing with features and pros, the cons or disadvantages are not big issues at all.

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These shoes are really perfect for walking for women and these shoes have reliable price too. We can ensure that these shoes are really money worth and the buyers will not be disheartened if they buy the shoes. We also shared buying guides for the shoes for not facing problem during buying.


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